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Recruitment Service by 360 EE

At 360 EE, we understand a modern day, candidate-driven market. This means we are able to support, train and develop employees to make the best career choice, whilst providing both employees and clients with a personalised recruitment service.

We like to think of ourselves as a rather formidable force in the recruitment market. We build a recruitment service and our reputation based on various principles.

our values

Recruitment Principles

Industry Experience

We have a wealth of industry experience, and a background of success stories. We are trained and qualified experts in recruitment.

Relationship Experts

We want to know. We are interested in you, and in what’s different about your business and your team. We’ll listen, engage and deliver!

Agility and flexibility

We’re young, dynamic and flexible – able to quickly and effectively tailor our bespoke, recruitment process to meet your needs.

Pursuing Excellence

We will ALWAYS strive to be the best. We not only believe in sustainable employment, but sustainable, long term business relationships.

Evolving service

By listening closely to our clients’ needs, we are consistently looking at opportunities to enhance our services and our network.

Commitment to candidates

We support candidates in building a successful career in their chosen field, and have considerable experience within this sector.

Terms of Business

Salaries and Rates

Below are the salary ranges we can provide for the provision of permanent staff.

Please contact us directly for our recruitment service charges according to your salary range (a scaled rebate facility is incorporated as standard).

Don’t forget we can also provide high-calibre temporary staff at a moment’s notice.

Up to £15,000

£15,001 – £18,000

£18,001 – £20,000

£20,001 – £25,000

£25,001 – £30,000

£30,001 – £49,000


Email Us For Service Charges

Areas Covered

Where we work

360 Employment Evolution work in London, Greater London, throughout the rest of England and all the way up to Southern Scotland (Glasgow).


our services

The Recruitment Desk

Since 2012, we have had a proven track record of contract workforce optimisation.

Our leading umbrella company solutions and service-focused approach have ensured a fast, seamless and pain-free process for both clients and contractors/temporary workers.

Account Handling

All clients are allocated a dedicated account manager to supply and source carefully-vetted talent.

Performance Improvement

Through planning, ‘just-in-time’ staffing, performance measurement, and control of staffing levels.

Talent Acquisition

Supporting business goals and creating visibility in the staffing process across the entire contract workforce.

Cost Savings

Through standardised rates, consolidated payment, controlled headcount and reduced liabilities.

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Additional Personnel Services

Fielding Enquiries and Candidates From Other Recruitment Agencies Service

Managing a Preferred Suppliers List (PSL) of Provider

  • A central hub system where applicants can be kept in touch with, advised and sign posted through that application process.
  • Agencies screened, advised and fees negotiated should they be relevant and included in overall recruiting of staff.
  • 360 EE to provide a one stop shop for all applicants and tenders who wish to engage with Edify via recruitment and staffing.

Induction Service

  • Starter paper work.
  • Handover of the staff hand book.
  • Payroll details and personal information to be collected.
  • Health and safety.
  • Office tour.
  • Meet the staff – general introduction.
  • Offer letter signed, returned and recorded via HR.

Interview Days Service

  • 360 EE to take full responsibility of attendees, meeting and greeting.
  • Initial interview to be completed by 360 EE.
  • Line Manager to be called in for a second half if the candidate is suitably passing this stage.
  • A second interview to be arranged.
  • Interview days should host 6-8 candidates being interviewed.
  • 2-3 candidates should make it through to second interview.
  • 2nd interviews to be arranged by 360 EE and help by appropriate line managers and respective decision makers to the hiring process.
  • Offers to be communicated via 360 EE to the candidate.
  • This service will be charged at the normal rate per candidate into work.

Job Description Writing Service

  • Verified by 360 EE prior to be adding to a HR file.
  • Proof and evidence to be recorded in writing.
  • Awarding bodies to be contacted. All relevant qualification to an application with Edify to be checked and verified.

Person Specification Writing Service

  • Person specification to be overhauled and written in line with the company’s current objectives.
  • Person specification to include qualifications, key skills, expectations of the role, benefits and career path. Both essential and mandatory.

Qualification Check Service

  • Job description to be overhauled and written in line with the company’s current objectives.
  • Job description to include qualifications, key skills, expectations of the role, benefits and career path.
  • To include salary and bonus information for each role.

Referencing Service

  • References sent in writing via 360 EE.
  • Chased by 360 EE.
  • Approved and verified by 360 EE prior to be adding to a HR file.
  • References to cover a period of 4 years’ employment prior to an application.

Searching for Freelance Staff, Vetting, Interviewing and Drawing Up Contracts Service

  • Resourcing, headhunting and advertising for candidates and applications.
  • Pre-screening via the telephone.
  • Screening online applicants and sorting through CVs.
  • Setting interview dates – organising preparation documentation to be sent and confirmation correspondence to be sent.

Staff Surveys Service

It’s all very well to promote staff engagement, but it needs to be measured.

We can assist you in collating feedback from your staff and help you to identify other measurable which will provide evidence that your staff engagement is effective.

Training and Development Service

  • Monthly reviews of new starters and existing starters and assess training needs and requirements.
  • Soft and functional skills can be deliver via 360 EE at the training academy rates.
  • More specific or industry specific training can be sourced and arranged as part of the personnel service.
  • All training recorded and reviewed as part of the in-work support service offered under the personnel services tendered.


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A Year In Numbers

Number of placements made.
Number of CV's sourced.
Number of meetings & events attended.
Number of training courses written.


We believe that finding a candidate a new role is just the beginning, and as such we offer a wealth of pre and post employment training courses.

Employment Sustainability

We believe that effective staffing solutions begin with close support, and using an agency should be profitable and have a long-term benefit to your business.