Employment Sustainability

Beyond Placement

Sustainable Employment by 360 EE

Sustainable employment is the key to a successful recruitment partnership. It furthers trust between us and our clients, but it also conveys the same message to our candidates.

It’s important that our candidates, both past, present and future, understand that by working in partnership with us they are going to be offered secure and sustainable career opportunities.

Changing jobs has as much effect on your life as moving house. It can determine a lifestyle. Sustainability is also vitally important to our clients. It promotes growth, progression and profits.

Recruitment should not only replace, it should also ripen growth and enable full potential.

So how do we ensure a sustainable recruitment service? Discover below.

Our Values

Employment Sustainability Principles

Understanding clearly our clients’ needs, requirements and specifications.

Understanding what makes our candidates tick, and their needs and expectations.

Understanding each opportunity we are work on. The potential, opportunity and expectations.

Aiming towards and achieving an overall goal with our clients by working hand-in-hand.

Approaching each client/role as a new assignment. We don’t bulk fire irrelevant CVs!

Tailoring recruitment efforts to give our clients a sustainable work force.

Aiming to support our clients’ expansion as opposed to replacing failed agency staff.

Offering all clients the safety net of a scaled rebate service on all placements.

Promoting not just sustainable employment but sustainable, long-term business relationships.

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Events, Courses, Meetings & More

We believe we have very positive results because at 360 EE, we invest time, consideration and dedication into our customers’ journeys.

Each project, team and group we work with receives a tailored service and experience, which best suits their future – and that’s the difference.

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A Year In Numbers

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Number of meetings and events attended.
Number of training courses written.
Number of placements made.


If you’re looking to expand your team, we’ll take the time to get to know your business and your requirements, and ONLY send you relevant candidates.


We believe that finding a candidate a new role is just the beginning, and as such we offer a wealth of pre and post employment training courses.