Unlike Liam Neeson, you can’t depend on the right job finding you.

So when you do find a job you’d like to apply for via an online job board, there are some simple guidelines to follow that will boost your chances of success.

1. Know The Process: Understanding the job board

  • Make sure you have everything to hand to answer all questions comprehensively.
  • Upload the best document to sell yourself – remember recruiters search for your skillset even if you haven’t applied for their jobs.
  • Don’t get timed out! Have a Word/Notepad document open that you can use to copy and paste from and to.
  • Dedicate some time and focus – 5 minutes on the bus will not lend itself to a strong application!

2. Make A Visible Effort

  • Use the most relevant CV for the job you are applying for. If you don’t have multiple versions of your CV, expect to have to tailor it.
  • Write a directly targeted cover letter, emphasising how you meet their criteria.
  • Follow up your application with a telephone call.
  • Make the effort to record what you have applied for and know at least one interesting fact about the company.

3. Get In Quick and Dedicate Time to the Task

  • Don’t wait. If you see a job Monday – make the time to apply. It may not be there next Monday.
  • Contact the agency promptly to chase the status of your application, and keep it at the forefront of the recruiter’s mind.
  • Looking for your next career move is a job in itself. Make the most of it.
  • If you have seen your ‘perfect’ job, make the perfect application – care for it, follow it up, monitor it, show interest above any other applicant.
  • Your application is your first impression.

4. Follow Instructions

  • Don’t cut corners – this will not do you any favours.
  • Make sure your CV can be uploaded and remain visible to the recipient.
  • Give the recruiter what they have asked for – match your experience to their requirements – they are asking for these things for a reason.
  • Make every detail relevant – prove it with examples. This will show you are competent.

5. Don’t Fall at the First Hurdle

  • Use attention to detail – silly mistakes can undo all your hard work.
  • Clear and correct information is the key to being contacted.
  • Use the best of the best documents you have available to sell yourself – this includes a cover letter, a CV and references to prove your ability and worth.