360 interviewed BT to find out more about the new ‘Cloud System’, and how it is likely to impact local businesses:

What is ‘Cloud’?

BT: ‘Cloud’ is a term that’s thrown around a lot these days. If you subscribe to a “Cloud” based service, you are essentially looking at hosted technology, which in turn means the service itself (data storage, phone systems, IT hardware) is located elsewhere (usually in a Data Centre or other secure location).

Why is it important we know about this?

BT: ‘Cloud’ gives all businesses (no matter the size) access to functionality that can reduce costs and increase efficiency and historically would of only been available to large businesses or those with a considerable budget for I.C.T

What will it be used for?

BT: It has applications across the whole of I.C.T but the game changer for most businesses is through Hosted Telephony.

How will it effect people within their own homes?

BT: Initially its aimed at business but will undoubtedly be adopted by consumers in the not too distant future.

Will it effect how people do business?

BT: Yes – Hosted Telephony in particular will ensure that your workforce is as efficient as possible and ensure local businesses have national and eventually international reach.

Is this a B2B service?

BT: In the case of BT Cloud Voice – Yes it is.

Where can we go to find out additional information and gain support about the system?

BT: You contact your local BT office to speak to a product specialist – they can provide all the information you need and help you understand the benefits to your business.

How do we convert from the telephone system we have in place now to the cloud?

BT: Well, following your phone call or face to face meeting with one of my specialists, and providing you are ready to proceed, you will be assigned a project manager to seamlessly manage your migration from traditional telephony to the ‘Cloud’