An interesting social media experiment I conducted to kick off the new year was to ask connections and colleagues what they would do if they were gifted £1million.

What would you do? Here are some of the answers I received:

  1. Build an aquaculture venture.
  2. Open up my own cat rescue centre in Corfu for all the cats and kittens that don’t have homes.
  3. Buy a house, give to my family and charity.
  4. Definitely not stay sitting at my desk…
  5. Be very happy and book a holiday.
  6. Pay off the mortgages of everyone I love.
  7. Buy a house for my family, my mum. Invest in my business and grow it to support my family’s future.
  8. Build my own house.
  9. Buy several properties and lease them out, drive around in an F-Type Jag and adopt as many cats as I can.
  10. If I had £1million I would pay for a hair transplant…!
  11. Relax!
  12. Gift it to my daughter.
  13. Buy a few properties in different towns to house the homeless and help them to get back on their feet!