The team at 360 Employment Evolution are really excited to have polished and re-released our brand. When most new businesses fold within the first 3 years, we are celebrating breaking the mould and in doing so have taken the time to reflect, reform and develop as an overall brand.

We love our new look and it appears you do too! We have been overwhelmed by the comments, emails, visits and a bottle of champagne! Here are some of your kind words:

“Thank you so much for this morning, was lovely to see you and hear what great things you are doing.”

“Your new website looks amazing, you should be very proud and pleased with it! Looks very professional and smart and thanks for the media pack too.”

“Having met you and knowing the passion you have for you company and industry – your new look website not only suits you but represents you in an excellent way. Great imagery, very professional and extremely impressive. Congratulations!”

“Very professional – impressed.”

“The re-branding looks great! Very professional. Really happy for you.”

“Well done you – this is excellent, I love it and I am really proud to have been a supporter since day one – you have gone from strength to strength even with one or two unplanned diversions along the way.”

“The website and brochure looks very ‘grown up’. I’m sure it will bring in lots of business for you but don’t forget about your old clients!”

“It looks amazing! You should be so proud of your business.”

“It looks very impressive and business like.”

“Just a quick email to congratulate you both on the new branding – it looks really nice you must be very pleased with it – I am sure it will do you proud.”

“Great branding well done!”

“Having received your mailshot this morning I have already been onto the new website and had a poke around! I like it, looks very smart and professional. New media pack looks great as well. In my opinion (for what’s its worth!) I think the new branding is a better reflection on your company – young, upcoming and relevant. Has a real corporate image about it and I hope it serves you well!”

“Many thanks for taking the time to see me this morning. I was very impressed with the set up at 360.”

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, on behalf of myself and the team for your support, encouragement and kind words.

Keep a close eye on us – as we intend on going places and we would like you along for the ride!