The cost of recruitment, advertising for staff, interviewing, shifting through CV’s or even being let down at interview non-attendance all has a direct impact on your business. So when you choose to use a recruitment agency to support you – make sure you choose the right one.

Here is why:

360 Employment Evolution completely understand the cost that a staff leaver can have to a business, not just in training, salary and bonuses, but replacement and re-training. Wasted time and money both have an impact on the economy, which is why we have structured our business to save you money and maximise your investment in staff.

Look how much it costs you dependent on the industry:

Sector Time for the new member of staff to be at optimum productivity (weeks) Cost to replace the employee
Legal 32 £39,887
Accountancy 32 £39,230
IT & Technology 29 £31,808
Media & Advertising 20 £25,787
Retail 23 £20,114

Why is sustainable employment so important to us?

Sustainable employment is the key to a successful recruitment partnership. It furthers trust between us and our clients, but also conveys the same message to our candidates. It is important that our candidates, past, present and future understand that by working in partnership with us they are going to be offered sustainable, secure career opportunities. Changing jobs has as much effect on your life as moving house. It can determine a lifestyle. It is equally as important to us that we offer clients sustainable candidates into their business in order to promote growth, progression and profits. Recruitment shouldn’t only be to replace but to encourage growth and fulfil potential.

So how do we ensure a sustainable recruitment service?

  • Understanding our clients’ needs, requirements and specification.
  • Understanding what makes our candidates tick, their expectations and what would secure them employment.
  • Understanding each career opportunity we are working on, the potential, the opportunity and the expectation.
  • Achieving an overall goal with our clients. Recognition is always close to reward and the two should come hand in hand for all parties involved in a recruitment process.
  • Approaching each client, job role and headhunting task as a new assignment. We don’t bulk fire irrelevant CV’s and have no plans to do so. We look at a candidate’s set of skills and assess, with reason, which companies would they be better suited to.
  • Our tailored recruitment efforts are designed to give our clients a sustainable work force.
  • We aim to support our clients’ expansion as opposed to replace failed agency staff.
  • We offer clients the safety net of a rebate service.
  • We not only believe in sustainable employment, but sustainable, long term business relationships.