If you’re recruiting for new team members, no doubt you’ll have a shopping list of skills that you’d like to find in a potential employee. But sometimes, it’s the skills that aren’t listed on a CV that are the ones to look out for.

1. Punctuality

The best way to create the wrong impression is to be late. Whether that is late to work, late to a meeting, late to an appointment, late calling back… each example creates the wrong impression to potentially the right person.

2. Work Ethic

This covers so many topics and so many examples within those topics. Someone with the wrong work ethic can be so detrimental to team and a business. Hiring an attitude can sometimes out way experience. Experience can be tainted but passion can be profitable.

3. Respect

Towards employees, employers, customers and colleagues alike can make the best fit integral to a business and a team.

4. Body Language and Communication

Even without saying a word you can create a personal, impression and set a tone. Spoken, written and unspoken communication are all equally important.

5. Energy

People feed on positivity and energy.

6. Attitude

7. Passion, Commitment and Enthusiasm

This is the most contagious set of skills someone could bring to the table.

8. Coachability and Organisational Skills

Someone who is willing to learn and grow shows long term potential within your organisation. It shows commitment to their career, opportunity within your team and should be identified early in order to nurture and be made the most of.

9. Being Prepared and Planning an Approach

Someone who has ‘their head in the game’ and not ‘in the clouds’ will work smart and in the most effective way you can hope for. Managerial support and encouragement will protect this attitude from diminishing.

10. Presentation

Both in communication and in appearance employees will always represent themselves and your business in the best way by presenting themselves professionally. Creating the right first impression is vital for future buy in.