We are so proud to be announcing the launch of our long awaited training prospectus!

This comes with pride, hard work and great excitement. 360 Employment Evolution are proud to stand apart from their competitors by offering a full, comprehensive pre- and post-employment service and support programme.

Everything you need to achieve sustainability in the workplace.

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Training Q and A:

Who can attend these courses?

  • Managers
  • New Staff
  • Existing Staff
  • Long term unemployed job seekers
  • Staff at risk of redundancy
  • Staff undergoing promotion
  • Apprenticeship staff

Why do staff need such basic training?

The training modules can be combined and designed to suit the objective you have as a business for your staff.

This can be as simple as improving time keeping or productivity. It could be as complex as doubling a sales target over the next 12 months.

What you see and read in the courses content is the skeleton overview that we, as a partnership, will expand to meet your objectives.

Sometimes it is important to review the basics and solidify the foundations before building upon them.

Can the training be sector-specific?

We would tailor each module your company books to a sector- and business-specific course. We would review company handbooks, manuals and existing training materials to deliver the same message you are trying to achieve.

We would look at your product and ensure each attendee of each module is able to relate their own day to day job and responsibilities to the aims and objectives of the course delivered. This is the only way to make the most of the training and ensure everyone benefits.

Is this relevant to all companies? Does one size really fit all?

NO! One size certainly does not fit all. We would look at product, service, company value, morals, aims and objections in order to deliver a uniformed message and strengthen your workforce to meet the needs of the business. Meanwhile ensuring attendees and staff all feel valued and educated at the end of each session.

How long do they last?

The modules can be lengthened and shortened to ensure all objectives agreed by trainer and company are met. They can be bite size so as not to interrupt the company day, as short as 1 x hour, or introduced as part of an induction week or sector specific work based learning session. The beauty lies in the tailoring 360 is able to provide you.

What do we get at the end of each course?

Each courses provides the following as standard at the end of each session:

  • A feedback form completed by attendees and kept by the trainer to improve and develop future courses
  • Attendees will receive a certificate of attendance
  • A SMART goals sheet that feeds back to them objectives learned whilst on the course and to be incorporated into a daily/weekly/monthly plan
  • A feedback form will be sent to the managers/person responsible for attendees reviewing the performance, behaviour and objections of each attendee. This can be included as a review, appraisal or even a goal setting task in the future.

How much do they cost?

The cost is dependent on attendee’s vs Time vs multiple bookings/session. We have given a guide price per head in the brochure but can negotiate to compliment training budgets at a review and booking meeting. Please call 01622 873 076 and speak to Sarah Wilson for more details.

What am I waiting for?

Nothing! Book now. Speak to me, Sarah. I design, write and deliver all the training by 360 EE.

Telephone: 01622 873 076

Email: sarah@360-ee.com