Found a great job online? Want to apply?

Take five minutes before you get started to read through our handy guide to best practice for completing job application forms online, and boost your chances of securing that dream job!

  • Be sure to read the questions carefully and answer them. If a question includes two or three sub-questions answer all of them. Make sure your answers are specific to the job role they relate to. Don’t use generic answers copy and pasted from other form you may have completed.
  • Write your first draft independent of the application form and check it for spelling and grammar. Cut and paste your answers onto the form.
  • Use spell checks, but be wary of them. If you write ‘from’ instead of ‘form’, for example, it will not be picked up. For UK applications avoid those that introduce American spellings like ‘organize’ and ‘center’. Cut and paste your answers onto the form.
  • Don’t waffle. Keep your answers succinct. Edit them for unnecessary words.
  • Include key verbs relating to the job like organised, supervised, and liaised. Some employers scan for key words and reject forms not including them. These are your buzz words!

Sell Your Skills As Actions

  • S – Describe a situation.
  • TTell them what your task or role was.
  • A – Say what action you took.
  • R – Always mention the result – employers like results driven employees.
  • R – Sometimes it is appropriate to say that you reflected on what happened and decided how you would tackle the problem next time.

And Finally

  • Never tell a lie. Ever. You will always get found out.
  • Include only items you can defend or speak about at interview.
  • Before you press the ‘send’ button, print a copy for future reference.
  • Get someone else to read it to discover any mistakes or typos.