The term remote IT support is simply the ability to gain access to a computer or server from a different location.

Traditionally when something went wrong with your computer or server an engineer would have been required to come out on site and resolve the issue. This is far less likely today thanks to remote IT support.

Today BCS go one step further and access your desktop PCs and servers while your staff are using them and can fix issues before they even occur. This is what is known as Managed Services.

Managed Services

Managed Services do not wait for things to go wrong but are proactively ensuring your desktop PCs and servers are running at all times.

Our systems raise service tickets automatically when they think there could be an issue. These are then sent to our service team who will look into it, and if required resolve the issue in the background – your staff are none the wiser but remain productive.

By being able to access your equipment remotely, we are far less likely to have to come to your site and spend time trying to fix things, potentially leaving a member of your team without a PC and twiddling their thumbs.


The advantage of remote IT support combined with managed services is twofold:

First your staff are not disrupted with slow or unresponsive computers that can often bring productivity to a halt. You are able to serve your clients safe in the knowledge that even in the event of an issue it would be dealt with in under 15 minutes in most cases.

Secondly, it is in our interest to keep you up and running. Our fixed cost pricing means that you are not the ones to suffer hefty invoices for engineers’ time when something goes wrong. We take the responsibility and have dedicated resources (Net Admin Team) who’s job is specifically to look into ways of increasing speed and reliability of your systems. Does your IT supplier provide this?

Round The Clock

We do all of this not only for a fixed transparent cost but round the clock 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. No more waiting till 9:00 on a Monday for someone to “take a look”. Today business does not stop and neither do we.

Moving Support

People don’t really like to change suppliers unless it really makes sense. Our on-boarding process is simple and painless and includes 30 days’ dual support at our cost. This means for the last 30 days of your current support, we will also support you and work with your current supplier to ensure a good handover is in place and we can ensure then when we go live everything is in place and working as it should be.

More About BCS

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