You may not have heard of them yet, but our friends over at Reach Out Creative designed and helped launch the fresh rebranded look I decided to embark on at the start of this year. We spoked to Directors Sam and Matthew to find out a little more about the company.

Why was Reach Out Creative established?

Working in publishing, we were being approached on a regular basis to produce marketing materials outside of our usual remit, and realised there was a gap in the market for a marketing services company without all the conceptual ‘blue sky thinking’ and so on… providing simple high quality copy-writing, branding, e-marketing, graphic design services etc. as and when needed. We knew we had the resources at our disposal to make the company work without taking any huge gambles… so we went for it!

Where do you see the company fitting in the local market place within the next 6 months? 12 months?

We’re not so much winning business from competitors as generating completely new business. Particularly when it comes to content marketing in the form of magazines and e-newsletters. These are a great way for brands to position themselves as authorities within their particular arenas. So in terms of the next 6 months to a year, the sky’s the limit!

How did you choose the name? What does it mean to you? To your clients?

We had a little help with the name… but essentially it sums up the fact that we give our clients the means to ‘Reach out’ and touch new audiences and customers, through our creative knowledge! From this we went on to brand our social media and adopt the hashtag ‘Reach Out Be Found’.

What message and ethos do you stand by and hope comes across to people looking to use Reach Out Creative as an agency?

We want to be seen as the no-nonsense experts, who can bring about pretty awesome results through delivering products and services of the absolute highest quality. Each bit of work we do gets our full and undivided attention.

Sam, what is your part to play in the company?

I’m one of the Directors of Reach Out Creative and in charge of generating new accounts.

What has your career looked like up until this point?

Very good, thank you – with two businesses already under my belt – one in media and one in recruitment, I have developed a sharp skill set to ensure this business succeeds.

What makes your service different within a very competitive market place?

Simplicity and embracing new channels and technology to ensure customers’ creative and marketing needs are meet and superceded. Couple this with the fact that we actually listen to what our customers need, and a good creative team to make this happen – we are pretty confident!

What services do you offer as a business?

Branding, e-marketing, copy-writing, print design, web design, app building, photography/videography, ad placement and much more!

What can a marketing agency add to a business’s branding and market place recognition?

A fresh outlook and approach to what you are already trying to achieve, whilst offering critique and alternative ideas to make sure you hit your goals each time. Plus injecting some excitement back into a business, as we view marketing and branding as taking further steps forward towards a business’s ultimate goal.

How valuable can advertising and marketing be to a new business?

Invaluable – you have a new business you need to let the world know about – on every marketing channel available to you in a slick and engaging context.

How valuable can advertising and marketing be to an established business?

Never underestimate the value, because if you don’t do it your competitor will, and then you are already one step behind.

What is your biggest achievement within your career so far?

Turning my redundancy into a positive and starting my first business, and successfully running businesses and not compromising on standard.

What do you hope to achieve in the next 6 months as a company director?

To achieve and have exceeded our current business goals and targets and have employed another member to our team.

Matthew, what is your part to play in the company?

I’m here to oversee the marketing and creative side. Being certified by Google in both Analytics and Adwords helps to ensure our clients that the online digital work is being conducted by a highly respected standard. I work closely with each client to make sure that each service we provide is clear, aesthetically appealing and relevant to their business.

What has your career looked like up until this point?

After graduating university in strategic management, business and marketing, I perused a marketing career in the construction and interiors industry working for a multiple companies within a group. After several years I knew that I could apply my knowledge and skill set of marketing, design and photography in a more modern way than I was working.

What makes your skill set invaluable to businesses looking to use a marketing agency?

Having worked for a constantly developing company, I’d like to think my skill set and approach to marketing is different – but in a good way. I can understand and sympathise with the pitfalls companies may face from time to time, where someone who has only worked in an agency may not understand this. I believe your personality is your base layer and your skill set is layered on top of this. People connect with people and therefore I strive to keep my marketing approach humanised and transparent.

What is your biggest achievement within your design career so far?

Launching a new showroom in an extremely popular London location. Being part of the strategy and marketing plan for this was a real buzz, and seeing various people enjoy and appreciate your work is very rewarding.

What do you hope to achieve in the next 6 months a company director?

So far the company’s growth has happened in a very organic way – without Sam or I hounding people for business. We’re doing the job properly, and getting it right. And we’re making some great friends along the way, so, more of that please!

What services do you offer as a marketing agency that are different from others, and can benefit companies the most?

We’re masters of content marketing across multiple channels and understand the workings of a search engine. However, we talk in plain English to our clients, have the highest standards, can do as much or as little as is needed and report back analytics on everything we do. There are enough creative agencies out there that talk a pretty wild game, but can’t always relate that back to reality. Besides after a few months they always get found out! We don’t want to be another of those! We are honest, friendly and proud of our work.

Testimonial: Ben Siggns, Director, Ben Siggins Estate Agents

“Reach Out Creative have fully designed, advised and created a bi-monthly magazine within the estate agency and property field. This is both consumer and commercially led, with advertising opportunities, partnerships and fact sharing about the industry.

“As a medium sized business rapidly expanding, standing out form the crowd and delivering something different which exceeds my competitors has been a key driver within this product.

“The team at Reach Out Creative are professional, driven, experts in their fields and have supported me in creating a product that my staff have not only been proud of but excited to share. The singular idea has led to more business with Reach Out Creative and I would definitely consider them a ‘go to’ marketing agency. They are fair in price, market place and advice. They are realistic, trustworthy and all round knowledgeable – which has directly paid off in achieving what I set out to do.”

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